We believe visual awe is closely linked to color and ambiance. The vividness of color in nature, such as an azure sky or a vermilion leaf, serves to both inspire and invoke awe in the viewer. Similarly, for other environments, such as a bustling night market, we believe awe is associated with the visual ambiance and clarity of the scene. Our product is a pair of sunglasses that also applies custom-selected filters to make all scenes look more vivid and clear. A few examples of filters that we would like to implement are dramatic, vivid and noir, which can be each used in a variety of contexts to heighten the user’s visual experience. Desmet and Hekkert’s framework separates product experiences into three distinct components: the aesthetic experience, the experience of meaning, and the emotional experience. We believe our product would improve the emotional experience of seeing everyday objects. For example, we hope that our user will enjoy seeing nature in more vivid color through a saturation filter and experiencing nighttime ambiances with a noir filter, enhancing the emotional experience.