I don’t think this is really something “I’ve got” but I recently saw a picture in a coffee shop that reminded me of the iconic iPod ads that aired a few years ago. These are the ads that featured a number of different dancing people silhouetted in black against brightly colored backgrounds, all related to each other because of the white headphone cable and iPod clutched in the hands of the dancers. I found these ads striking for a number of reasons, most notably because of Apple’s decision to make these ads more universal by removing identifying markers from the actors by blacking them out against the brightly colored backgrounds mentioned above. In doing so, Apple was able to separate the individual differences among the dancers and link them through the simple fact that these people, despite their differences in gender, hairstyle, appearances, etc all enjoyed listening to their iPod and expressing themselves as they wished through dance. I think these ads were really a hallmark of the generation of people from ~2007 and if asked, I’m sure that anyone who watched TV around this time would recognize the distinctive design of this series of advertisements.