It’s amazing how our minds are able to take us away from a given task at hand. If phones and computers weren’t enough, we now have watches and voice activated home devices that can aide our procrastination tendencies just about anywhere. If only there was a way to enter a focused headspace–one that you would have in your most ideal of study spaces– without using one of these devices that can easily distract us. Introducing Pocket Space– a device designed with behavioral psychology in mind to induce a productive mental space that you can fit in your pocket. Just plug your headphones into Pocket Space and you will experience 25 minutes of white noise followed by 5 minutes of “break music”. Utilizing the pomodoro effect, Pocket Space is designed so that you can take advantage of the optimal amount of focus time (25 minutes) and be rewarded with a 5 minute break after hard work. The key to Pocket Space is that it exclusively functions as your “get in the zone buddy”. While one could argue that you could just go online and put on white noise on your computer or phone, the whole idea of Pocket Space is to remove the additional distractions that technology offers and allow your mind to enter a focused headspace whether you’re in your room, on a bus, or in a coffee shop. With Pocket Space, you can reach your optimal productive mindset with the touch of a button wherever you are.