Golden Goose Deluxe Brand is an Italian sneaker company that has gained immense popularity and developed a cult following among sneaker aficionados. The brand is extremely unconventional in that they employ a unique element to their designs that no other sneaker brand has ever dared to attempt. That is, all Golden Goose sneakers are made to look distressed and beat up, with some designs even giving off a dirty, years-old look to the shoe, which is extremely counter-intuitive for luxury goods, let alone any new apparel. Yet, the brand has successfully become the luxury sneaker of choice for many fashionistas and celebrities thanks to their creative interpretation of consumer psychology. The brand understood that stylish men and women aspire to display an image of nonchalance – an image that they do not really care about what they are wearing, when they actually do. The caveat to the sneakers is that despite their distressed look, they are constructed beautifully and sturdily by hand with premium leather in Italy. It is truly fascinating that this unique approach to satiating the niche psychology of consumers – even it may be counter-intuitive – has shaped Golden Goose’s one-of-a-kind brand identity and international appeal in the fashion industry.