Nowadays designed to provide comfort and agility to soccer players with dry fit technology, it’s hard to imagine one day soccer jerseys were made of cotton and buttons, looking more like clothes to social events than to practice sports. Soccer jerseys have changed materials drastically, as now it considers the athlete’s performance, but their materials have not been the only change. Grêmio, one of the best soccer teams in Brazil, is known by its three colors: blue, black and white. So who could imagine its first jersey, over a century ago, would have the color of its greatest rival, now prohibited in all Grêmio jerseys? A lot has changed since then and its 2005 jersey is actually known to be the prettiest in the world. And even though changes are promoted to it every year, it’s safe to say now all Grêmio jerseys are blue, black and white with an attractive core design (stripes, with the symbol on the top left) that remains.