MeetU: Meet Your Best Self App Prototype Demonstration: Description of Product: Our product is an app that allows the user to note down a standout conversation detail about a person that they meet. We designed this app to allow busy people to more easily make genuine connections with new people that they meet. When the user meets a new person, the app will be activated on the user’s phone upon receiving an activation signal. In our case, the activation signal is simply one of the phrases: “I’m [user’s name]” or “My name is [user’s name].” This signal will activate the app, notifying it that the user is currently meeting someone new. A notification will be sent to the user’s lock screen reminding the user to input the name of the person that they have just met and a detail unique to the conversation that they just had. For instance, this standout detail could be a mutual hobby or interest that the two talked about or any other topic discussed. The goal of noting down the unique detail(s) of the conversation is to use these as either a starting point for a conversation in the future or inserting this detail in a future conversation because it will likely prove to be a good way to potentially continue developing the relationship. This fact about our app is the most significant because we think that by leveraging the small but significant details in a conversation, such as topics of mutual interest, two (or more) people can more easily develop a meaningful connection. Upon opening the app, the user will be directed to the “New Contact” page that provides space for the user to enter the name and a detail from the conversation with a new contact. This page will also have a button to add multiple contacts if the user met more than one new person during the interaction. Additionally, links to several popular social media sites will be provided in the “New Contact” page with which the user can link the contact. The product will feature a homepage that will have a fun and interactive display of the new people (displayed as contact bubbles) that the user has met this week arranged around a bubble of the user. By holding a bubble, the user will be able to look at more information about each of their new contacts. In addition, there will be a contact list that aggregates all of the user’s contacts alphabetically. Our settings will allow a user to change the activation signal of the app and whether or not notifications will be displayed to remind the user to input a new contact’s information after the conversation. How product meets challenge: Our product meets the given challenge because it facilitates the development of more meaningful connections in the context of a modern user’s busy life. The default behavior we are trying to target is forgetfulness of names and conversations had with people met for the first time. We assume that our user’s ability is low in this respect, but his motivation to meet new people and make friends is high. By targeting this behavior, we are attempting to improve the user’s ability to recall names and, more importantly, standout details about conversations they had. Our triggers include a notification displayed on the user’s phone after a conversation reminding the user to input the name of the person(s) they interacted with and a unique conversation detail. Additionally, the user will we sent weekly updates showing the user his new contacts from the past week. This notification functions to both remind the user of the names and details of his new contacts while motivating him to potentially get in contact with one of them again. Ultimately, our goal is to make meaningful interactions last and for genuine friendships to develop as a result of these conversations.