Nail polish has grown to be such a widespread symbol of self-expression that it changes with seasons, holidays, and special events; it is an accessory that has evolved incredibly in both breadth and type. In fact, the earliest use of nail polish dates back to 3000 BC China. In the Zhou dynasty and Ming dynasty, the royal family used gold, silver, red and black to adorn their nails. In Egypt, nail polish colors varied with social class; the lower classes wore paler colors whereas the upper class wore a reddish brown. Before the 19th and 20th century, nail polish colors were limited to clear, red, pink, purple and black, but in today’s beauty-enhanced culture, nail polish ranges from crackled and glitter to holographic and iridescent; top and base coat to gel and matte polish. Changing your nail polish color is like getting a haircut; refreshed and revived — you take on the world with your renewed sense of style.