It holds my secrets, my life, and without it, I wouldn’t be able to survive: my Moleskine. I’m a type A gal, an organizational freak, and love the way my G-2 pen sinks into the soft pages of my notebook.

Born in 1997, the same year I was, the Moleskine began a luxury product in Milan, Italy. Similar to the beginnings of incredible fashion designs and artwork, the Moleskine emerged in the city of bold statements. Today, it’s seen in your local Barnes and Noble bookstore and in the backpacks of many college students and busy bees. People use them for taking notes, jotting ideas, day planning, to-do lists, and this new trend of bullet journaling! The uses are endless.

I find my Moleskine a clear indication of my personality. From the penmanship to the frequent to-do lists and doodles, the content with one’s notebook portrays the thoughts in their mind.

Today, there are many alternatives to a classic notebook. But nothing beats a Moleskine.