There are many things to love about Excel Skin. The most obvious are the excel shortcuts. The skin covers all of the most important ones and its color coding scheme for how to execute each shortcut is self-explanatory and easy to follow. I discovered my other two favorite features after I started using the Excel Skin. First, it mutes the sound of the keys so typing is less noisy. Second, it protects my keyboard from spillage and is easy to wash. An indirect effect of this might be that I am prolonging the life of my computer! Another cool feature is that it is much easier to observe habits in my own typing based on how faded each key on the Excel Skin is. I use the C and N keys a lot – perhaps because they are found in many words and are also shortcuts for ‘copy’ and ‘new’ – followed by shift and the space bar.

If I could change anything about the Excel Skin, it would be that it leaves a film on some of the keys underneath.  Also, while it’s cool to observe my typing trends, I might also try to prolong the amount of time before the key color begins to fade.