While applauded for bring increased technical performance and power to a smaller form factor, the Xbox One S made waves with its new approach to console design. Deviating from the traditional black box forms of the previous generations of consoles, the Xbox One S evokes a more friendly, accessible product sense that defies historical cues. Rather than fabricating yet another black box to remain recessed within a TV cabinet or shelf, the Xbox One S presents itself as a product worthy of display and visual attention.  With a split-patterned exterior contrasting a sleek plane slate against precision-drilled holes, the console arrests the eye at first glance. Clean lines persist around the exterior meeting at clean edges presenting a very polished, thoughtful product. The base color, white, is also a departure from the traditional black console. This visual uniqueness and deliberation endow the Xbox One S with an increased sense of luxury, painting itself as the “premiere console.”