I was always a fan of colognes and closely followed the fragrance industry but became even more fascinated with the power of smell during my service in the Korean military, when a hint of smell would take me back home and drench me in nostalgia. Smell is the most powerful sense – one that allows us to remember and form countless memories – and yet it is so underrated, especially when it comes to fashion, as it is both intangible and invisible. While the use of perfume is quite prevalent among women, a lot of men find the idea of putting on a scent unapproachable and unnecessary. However, I personally believe that every man should know the right scent for himself, as it adds another dimension to how you would like to project yourself and tell your personal story. Among the countless options, the Le Labo Santal 33, which features notes of cedarwood, leather, sandalwood, papyrus, and violet accord, is the scent that I have been putting on as of late. Le Labo describes the scent with the following imagery on their website: “Do you remember the old Marlboro ads? A man and his horse in front of the fire on a great plain under tall, blue evening skies.” I am fascinated by the unique brand identity of Le Labo, which has been at the forefront of the boutique fragrance industry in recent years. The New York City-based company’s unique collection of scents created on site, personalized bottle labels, and minimalist marketing make its products extremely desirable among fragrance aficionados.