This assignment intimidated me as I have no graphic design skills and I am not an avid social media poster. I chose my 12 photos and started looking through them for patterns. What I noticed immediately is that family does really well. After that I started to look at the details of the images more so than the content and saw some interesting things. I used the golden ratio template to test each image and realized that the ones that did well really had the main subject lined up with the center of the spiral in the template. (in my chart I just called this off centered/rule of thirds). I then realized that they work well when the background has horizontal lines breaking up the image, and even better when the subject prominently breaks through these lines to stand out. In that vein, they also did well when the colors of the subject were very different from those of the background. I think that in terms of content, people like when it includes family or very close friends- people that they know I feel strongly about. It also seems that I am laughing in multiple photos, and people like when the subjects appear really happy. I tried to include as many of these factors as I could in my new posts, as you can see. It was an interesting assignment to bring my attention to things I never noticed.