POSTS TEXT: 南山南,北秋悲/2017 I’m coming at you/Getting back to my element this semester like my 8-year old self/No.1 Bae gets profile pic and my jacket on a rainy night/”You can only lose what you cling to”/Not my cup of tea/3 turkeys have blessed Currier lawn/Made my first drawing video /It’s been a long day/…

STATS: The posts have a average of 65 likes and ,which are twice as popular as my average Facebook posts, which receive about 10-20 likes and 0-3 comments.

DETAILS: These top-performing posts share one thing in common, which is their strong connections to a larger personal narrative compared to other average posts. They are snapshots of my life that convey my personality, experiences, and thoughts.

Meanwhile, the format of the post does have an impact on how it gets received. There are three main formats of my Facebook posts: photography (7), drawing (4), and video (1). Overall, photos of myself tend to perform better than do creative drawings. This is because personal photos create a sense of personal connection for the viewers, which motivate them to “like” the post. On the other hand, 4 out of the 12 top-performing posts are drawings, which show that viewers are willing to “like” the post if it showcases my creative skills. For the same reason, the video was well received. Additionally, the video received the most “likes”, which is a result of both its creative contents and the digital format that engages the viewer for a longer time span.

PROPORTIONAL COMPOSITION: Most of these photos fit well intro the golden ratio overlay, and can benefit from cropping out backgrounds

EMOTIONAL MESSAGE: These posts show my personal experience, thoughts, and hobbies.

WHAT WORKED WELL: Creative contents, artistic motifs

WHAT COULD WORK BETTER: Adding more personality, emotions, and clear narratives to the posts


  1. Use narratives and emojis in post texts
  2. Combine creative contents with personal narrative/novelties



“Old pic from summer of 2015 as a little reminder for myself to stay grateful for where I at and who I am at this moment :3”



“Happy Chinese Spring Festival!!! (February 16) I used to make these traditional papercuts, or my parents would buy pre-made ones and we would decorate the windows together. It is this kind of rituals that make me truly homesick, not HUDS :P”



“To me, drawing is a way of life. It’s amazing how I can draw about a bad experience, and when I’m finished, I’m ready to move on.”