There are several requirements for a picture to attract many like and comments on Jerry Lorenzo’s page according to my theory. Firstly, the smallest three rectangles of the golden mean should align with the image’s focal point. Secondly, the vertical lines must frame the subject(s) in the image and the blue diagonal lines potentially lineup with an important proportion or facet of the image. Thirdly, the image should contain one or more of the following: Jerry Lorenzo as the sole subject of the picture, much anticipated articles of clothing that will be released in the future, or coveted articles of clothing.

Additionally, for Jerry Lorenzo, posts with more relevance to a general audience will get more likes and comments. For example, the more esoteric aspects of fashion don’t get as many likes or comments because many people don’t understand or aren’t interested in these aspects of fashion. On the other hand, if an item or an article of clothing has a lot of popular hype surrounding it and Lorenzo posts about it, the post will get many likes and will generate a lot of discussion in the comments.