Away is a D2C company focusing on travel-related items. Luggage is their first main line of products–it comes in about a dozen colors (including limited edition) and four sizes (carry-on, larger carry-on, medium, and large). I recently noticed that my old ones were breaking apart due to years of intl travel, and decided to try something new (something other than Rimowa or Tumi). Away offers a clean aesthetic (the color options are better than established brands), and is designed for maximum utility. The carry-ons come with a removable charging battery for your phone and laptop, as well as a pouch for books. One side of the luggage is designed for larger items like shoes, and other is primarily for clothes. I’m a fan of their new coordinate collection, and think that new brands like Away and Casper that offer reliable premium products in an old, stagnant industry really do benefit us consumers.