I know what you may be thinking, another overpriced tech gadget that we don’t need because pen and paper works perfectly fine. I had similar doubts before I splurged on my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil duo. It was a stressful time, midterm season to be specific. After a week of back to back exams, I made the decision to buy the duo that I have been eyeing for months.

The Apple Pencil is perfect for many reasons. A sleek and simple design with a smooth touch. Weighted perfectly to feel substance between your figures, but light enough to write with for days. The soft but firm tip is precise, and with the compatibility with the iPad Pro, I feel like I have the universe at my fingertips. To me, the Apple Pencil does everything a pen and paper will do and more.

Technology is an investment in our future. The Apple Pencil is an investment in our creativity and our education.