Cashmere scarf of Burberry has a history of over 100 years. It starts in 1956 and the innovative fabric was invented in 1879 by Thomas Burberry. The classic square element was first used inside the trench, which was patented in 1912. The trench coat is a waterproof one that was used broadly in military. Later on, the square element was developed into other fashion item lines design, scarf is one of which. The square elements is a very representative symbol of both England and the Burberry brand history, and that is why this element has always been kept through over 50 years. What remains through the year together with this element are also its special valuable ingredients–the 100% goat cashmere and the traditional way of making a scarf.

Lightweight cashmere scarf and Classic Cashmere scarf are two lines that are most popular and most classic ones. Over 70 colors and special season ones (like ones with hearts on them newly arrival of 2017) added to the big Burberry family each year attract more and more customers into Burberry scarf fashion club.