Barbour was founded in 1894 in England when John Barbour saw the need for durable and waterproof outerwear for fishermen, sailors, and shipyard workers, who often dipped their sailcloth in fish oil. The company soon developed Oilskin, its unique waterproof waxed cotton fabric, and launched a line of waxed jackets, which became an instant success in England’s marine industry. The Barbour waxed jacket soon found its way to the countryside as it became extremely popular among farmers and gamekeepers for its weather-resistant and thorn-proof qualities. In 1936, the company, in an effort to appeal to a new demographic, launched a collection of waxed motorcycle jackets, which became popularized by the American actor Steve McQueen and was soon adopted by the British racing team. In 1974, Barbour received a royal warrant for waterproof and protective clothing from the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen, which boosted sales not only in England but also in international markets like New York. Barbour has been an exclusive supplier of outerwear for the royal family ever since. Today, the Barbour waxed jacket has become an iconic fashion staple.