This tea diffuser is incredibly useful in my everyday life. It’s normally cheaper for me to buy loose leaf tea compared to bag tea, and this infuser allows me to steep the tea easily. My main draw to this product is that it looks like a sloth taking a bath, but it’s also practical. The silicone material of the infuser leaves no taste in the tea, and it stays securely at it’s place on the rim of the mug. I can also control the strength of the tea depending on the amount I put into the diffuser and the length of time that I leave it in the water. Additionally, it’s quite relaxing to look at the sloth’s face while drinking the tea.

Tea infusers were created as an alternative to brewing a whole pot of tea or spooning out leaves. The Chinese were using a method of clay pots to hold in the tea, and the British created the “tea ball” in the mid-19th century. However, the tea ball was mostly replaced by the tea bag in the early 20th century due to its’ easy cleanup and ability to transport well.