Most of us are familiar with the standard advertisement for beer, there is an appealing element to the ad to appeal to the specific user profile for the most common/standard user. Beer advertisements often show how cool you would be if you drank this beer. The best example is of Dos Equis, branding the man in the commercial as the Most Interesting Man in the World.  


Many countries have banned the ability to advertise for alcohol. The USA has faced major criticism for targeting young people. The UK has more strict standards on how to regulate how the advertising. 

Interestingly, as of the other day, Heineken made an advertisement to provide voices for everyone and used advertising to make a difference. The outcomes are increasing empathy, sharing differences, and talking. All for the sake of sharing a beer together. Yes, alcohol can be abused and often is, but there are moments when it helps. When we share feelings, work together and a drink we can create a bond. This advertisement is desirable because it is able to powerfully share what happens when we connect together. 

Though, I may not drink Heineken I may be more apt to purchase it knowing their values of human connection. And, I will remember this advertisement below.