Habit is a science-based, personalized nutrition solution.  It starts with an at-home nutrition test, where you drink a Habit shake, and then take a few blood samples with a finger lancet and take a cheek swab.  The samples are sent back to the company and analyzed to determine your personal nutrition details, including how your body handles carbs, fats, and proteins, and what your genes are.  Habit then creates a personalized nutrition plan for you and you can sign up for a meal-delivery service where they will send you meals that are personalized and good for your body.  This company has an interesting and innovative take on meal delivery compared to Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, or Freshly.  With so many health problems related to improper diet, this company offers a solution of meals that are good specifically for your body, and still offers the convenience of prepared, delivered meals.  At a price of $300 for the at-home nutrition test, this service is a bit pricey, but for those looking to optimize their diet and learn what is best for their body, this could be a great investment for long-term health.