I’m a big fan of 5 Gum for its packaging and marketing. I remember when it first debuted in supermarkets, and I was immediately drawn to it for its sleek black appearance. Among all the Wrigleys, Tridents, and Extras, 5 Gum stood out to me for its unique and modern aesthetic. 

The packaging of 5 Gum has a more premium feel, which helps me justify its slightly higher price. Its design indicates a high level of quality, which lends to a much more enjoyable emotional experience when interacting with the product– from flipping open the top flap to unwrapping a piece of gum. I also am interested in the color choice of their packaging. Black is not a color you see often in the food industry– however it works to elevate the 5 Gum product design, adding a sense of mystery and elusiveness.