This is the Goody Clean Radiance Paddle Hair Brush, a recent find that has made me appreciate brushing my hair:

I love its design and the appearance. I am usually indifferent towards the appearance of my functional objects as long as they are inexpensive, but this one was beautiful and cheap (about $7)! The body is white with rose gold/copper accents and the bristles are also rose gold/copper. 

What I really love about the brush is how big it is. It is lightweight but has a large surface area that makes hair-brushing feel more like a head massage. 

The bristles are copper (the packaging says “infused with copper” while this poster says “copper bristles”, so I’m not sure whether they are fully copper or not), which make them hard enough to massage the scalp without being painful. Over the years, I’ve tried many different kinds of hair brushes – some are too soft/flimsy, while others (eg. whale bone, cherry wood) are way too hard and painful. 
As the poster shows, there are also different shapes and sizes but I personally prefer the large, rectangular one:

The design of the brush creates an experience for its consumers: brushing my hair was never something I particularly liked or disliked until I got this brush, but now, it is something I thoroughly enjoy!