This camera is everything to me. I first received it in my year of high school, as I was taking a photography class and dreamed of taking photos with a professional finish. Now in my junior year of college, I am a respected photographer with a long and varied portfolio (specializing in fashion photography) — and I still use this same camera and the two lenses I have had since high school. What made this camera desirable for me was not only the dream I had for the finished results, but its technical capabilites as well. Used to disposable and digital cameras, I was shocked by the D3100s seemingly infinite (at the time) functionality; it could take not only high quality photos but also professional videos with clear sound and HD graphics. It was small enough for me to able to take everywhere, and it could be connected to a professional lighting system if necessary. It had different modes for any occasion, and could switch between automatic and manual. Now, years later, there are cameras out that automatically connect to social media and probably have a ton of other specs that this camera does not; however, due to my user experience and emotional connection, along with its pure  functionality that integrates perfectly with my life, I won’t replace this camera until I absolutely have to.

Please see photos from my most recent photoshoot with it below: