The newest addition to my wardrobe, the J.Crew Sutton Flecked Chambray Pant embodies my summer style. The chambray fabric’s white undertones under the blue diagonal stitching create a “canvas” effect of color, evoking fresh linen. The fabric is durable, yet breathable, so much so that even in today’s 78-degree weather, my legs still felt cool. The fit of the pant is near-perfect, with a straight leg that still manage to have a loose bottom, leading to a relaxed look, perfect for summer. The fabric is lightweight, as well, so it can definitely stretch, keeping the pant comfortable. My only concern is that the button appears to be a different blue tone than the fabric – either contrast the fabric or don’t! Despite this minor quibble, these pants are wonderful. Best of all, these pants were on clearance! Whoever didn’t want to buy the leftover stock is missing out!