In many 90s sports movie and highlights, you’ll see athletes on dressed in colorful windbreaker-looking jackets. These starter jackets were quintessential sportswear in the 90s, both because of their practicality as a jacket, the ability to “rep” one’s team, and the individual expression that these jackets allowed for. Starter, the company that created these jackets and accelerated them into the mainstream, peaked with this brand of jacket and now focuses on creating “retro” hats and jackets to replicate this 90s/early 2000 look.

Despite being out of vogue, I still think these jackets are really cool. There are not many light jackets today that are both colorful and represent a specific sports team. I really love watching old sports highlights and reading about old athletes, and I think it is such a cool look to see them in these jackets. With companies like Nike and Adidas ruling the sports market now, I like that a smaller company had its heyday with these trendy jackets a two decades ago.