This WIG is an experience design. Purr Cat Cafe is opening this June in Boston, with the tagline of being Boston’s first cat cafe. Cat cafes become popular abroad for allowing customers to play with and adopt cats while enjoying their beverages. Purr seems to be catering that same novelty and appeal. They have a pay by hour rate though which, to me, is deterring. It is $15 an hour, and that does not include beverages. We will see how well the cafe does with this business plan. There are similar experiences in other big cities like Los Angeles. I have visited a Dog Cafe there and the price of their beverages were simply a bit higher to accommodate for the dog care. That made it easier to shell out the money for the experience. There are others that have an hourly rate but then include a free drink, which is also more appealing. Regardless, Purr has tapped into a unique market and I’m curious to see how they do.