When I was in middle school, furry North Face fleece jackets were all the rage. I wore a white one to school pretty much every day, and when it got so dirty that it turned gray I still wore it pretty much every day. In retrospect, there were a lot of things about this jacket that were less than ideal. The appeal of the jacket was that the fleece was fluffy and kept you warm, but the problem was that having the jacket made entirely out of this material meant that it got really dirty and worn out on the outside. A couple years ago, I purchased this new fleece-lined windbreaker from North Face that solved these issues. The exterior is windproof and semi water-resistant, so it doesn’t get completely soaked and soggy like my old, fully fleece one did. Secondly, the fleece is only on the inside, so it keeps you warm while still allowing you to walk around looking put together (and not like a middle schooler wearing a fuzzy jacket). Props to North Face for improving their products!