I spent a week in Tokyo last June, and was absolutely enthralled. The vlog above gives you a glimpse of the magic of Tokyo, and I also included a photograph showcasing the beauty of Japanese food presentation. It was clear to me that much more emphasis is placed on design and aesthetics in Tokyo and Japan as a whole than almost anywhere else in the world. From the metro system, to the food aesthetics, to the way that people dress, to the design of buildings and streets, to the Japanese toilets — Tokyo is a feast for the senses. It is also immaculately clean, and people are unbelievably kind. In addition, Tokyo, unlike other beautiful cities such as Paris or Milan, is touristy yet not cliched. It is also extremely unique. You see young people pushing the boundaries of the status quo in regards to fashion, beliefs, and interests. I enthusiastically recommend Tokyo as a tourist destination for anyone, but especially for designers.