I am particular about my writing utensils, and after discovering the Pentel GraphGear 500 several years ago, I have not found a better pencil. The pencil is weighted perfectly, where it feels heavy enough that you are writing something important, but no so heavy that it is awkward to hold. And the center of gravity is strategically positioned where your hand holds the pencil, so the tip is not weighted into the page, but it doesn’t feel like the back-end will tip out of your hand. The lead clicking gives strong tactile feedback, and there are no unnecessary bells-and-whistles- it is just a simple, well-built, nice looking professional pencil. I am probably more particular about my pencils than most people, but I’d argue that anyone who writes with this will agree that it just feels better, even if they cannot identify why exactly why that is.

Although advertised as a drafting pencil, it is not just for drafting, and I have used it for artistic sketches, work, assignments, and everyday to-do notes.  At $7.00, it’s not cheap, but it also isn’t as pricey as others, which I have also tried and still stand by this one. It is costly enough that you struggle to purchase a new one if you lose it, but I always end up doing just that.