Few things have defined my college experience as much as my Magma Sketchbooks; for the past two years, every class, every project, and every job has gotten it’s own. It is simply the greatest notebook I’ve ever owned. For starters the construction is highly durable, with nicely thick pages and well-tied sections. The jacket is bendable but firm, allowing the notebook to be used in various positions while maintaining its general shape. The page layout changes with each style, so I will only talk about the “Design & Art Direction” model, being the one I use most frequently. The book begins with a very nice table of contents and continues alternating between one gridded page and five blank pages up until the 120th page. To round out the book, the last fifteen pages at are full of useful charts and information relevant to design and art direction, including average heights of people, units of measurement, and various tables and charts. Every little detail of this book has been thought out, even the inside of the front cover has three different rulers on it.