Lake Street Dive is a soul/funk/singer-songwriter collaboration between four artists that met at the New England Conservatory where they all studied jazz. They proceeded to form a band that has found success and decent renown in the last 4-5 years. What’s more, is they are somewhat indescribable due to their intense commitment to eclecticism (see the truly confusing mix of genres listed two sentences prior). This diverse and varied style begins at their music, which ranges from driving rock to mournful, simple ballads, all of which comes bundled with a visual aesthetic that to my eye truly evokes their aural diversity. Whether live or in photographs, the band toes the line between vintage and stunningly chic with a sensibility for the contemporary retro that makes them incredibly visually unified in their somewhat random assortment of clothing, backgrounds, sets, etc. To me, their pairing of visuals with their expansive style of music makes for an eclectic and truly enjoyable experience.