At the end of the day, UNIQLO makes good, solid, basic clothing, the epitome of which, I think is their multi-colored, fitted jeans. They come in a range of dyes, from the simple navy blue, to more out-there rust-oranges and bright reds. The jeans fit well and taper in a modern cut, making them able to be dressed up or down. Overall, they fill a very utilitarian niche in my wardrobe, but nonetheless, I own several pairs because they are reliably comfortable and straightforward enough to fit into most outfits.

These jeans also serve as what I perceive to be the epitome of UNIQLO’s larger messaging, which is focused on being a basics brand. UNIQLO’s clothing can be somewhat ubiquitous in a given wardrobe because it offers such a range of options, while also retaining a streamlined, simple aesthetic that pairs well with larger statement pieces. UNIQLO is not trying to be the wow-factor of every outfit, but simply to be in every outfit. The latter approach seems safe to some extent, but to a larger extent smart (and likely difficult to execute to the success rate that they have achieved).