S’well bottles seem to be all the rage in the last year. While they come at a steep price for a thing that just holds liquid, I was lucky enough to receive mine as a gift. Until drinking from the bottle, I could not understand all the hype. However, they bottles are very pleasant to drink from, the metal rim where your mouth touches makes the water feel very fresh. My favorite feature about the bottle, though, is it’s 24/12 feature: it keeps water cold for 24hrs and hot for 12hrs. I love being able to fill it up at night and take a sip in the morning, just as cold as when I filled it. The bottle is also very sleek, making it something you can feel professional carrying around the office. I am lucky enough to have my name on mine, which is a great feature because if I ever leave it somewhere, it is usually in the same place because not many people are willing to take a bottle if a name different than their own is not on it! (My only problem is remembering where I left it….) The only drawback I have with the S’well bottle is the fact that the paint starts to chip off over time, even without washing. If you are going to pay the price for this bottle, the paint should not chip off for years. Overall, though, I am a big fan and would invest in another if I had a larger income than the debt of a college student.