My marley chant
speaker is friggin’ awesome. It does all the normal stuff that a speaker should
do, and it does it well. High-quality sound, decent volume, great bluetooth
connectivity, etc. But the reason that I really like it is for all the ways
that I can use it. While many speakers are rectangular or pill shaped, this one
is shaped pretty much like a water bottle. For me this is exactly what I need
because in addition to the normal uses of a speaker, I use mine a lot when I’m
out cruising around on bikes with my friends. I can throw it into my backpack
and know that it’ll stay safe in there. It also has a carabiner on it so I can
fasten it in even more securely for those bumpier rides. If I don’t have a
backpack I can also throw it in my bike’s water bottle holder which most bikes
have. While there are a few other speakers who have this water bottle-esque
shape (notably the UE Boom), the marley chant speaker produces most of the
sound from the top half of the speaker, which means that if you have it in a
water-bottle pouch on your backpack, the sound won’t get muffled which is
great. It’s also water resistant with a very rugged design. The marley speaker is just wonderful.