For this challenge, we set out to create a smart diaper bag that would solve current problems faced by new moms (and dads!).

In our market research, new moms expressed the following frustrations about their current diaper bags:

  • Lack of organization
  • Need to carry around ice packs for baby bottles
  • No way to warm milk when it’s time to feed the baby
  • Pain to get ready because have to check stock of every item (diapers, wipes, toys, etc) every time they leave the house
  • Too many zippers make compartments hard to open
  • Look too babyish. Not everyone wants to be carrying something that’s obviously a “diaper bag”
  • Lack of separation for “baby” and “adult” items

They’d also like bags that are easy to clean, include changing pads, and are easy to attach to strollers.


The key design features of our smart diaper bag include:

  • Tech sleeve which includes a chargeable battery with a cordless phone charging pocket and plug for other electronics like laptops
  • Two baby bottle warmer/coolers (powered by the battery)
  • Extra insulated compartment to keep things warm/cool (not battery powered)
  • Bottom that zips off to facilitate crumb control and cleaning
  • Weight sensors on compartments for holding diapers, wipes, bottles, etc, so mom can check the status of her bag with the swipe of a fingertip rather than rooting through each compartment to count what she already has in there
  • Mesh side (under flap) to facilitate finding things easily
  • Flap that folds out into a changing pad which can be detached for using and washing
  • Multiple inside and outside pockets for organization
  • Magnetic exterior closure for easy access
  • Vegan washable leather for a professional look (so Dads can use it too!)
  • White noise maker
  • Lightweight

We also thought through that the bag can easily output how much weight is in the diaper bag and # of diapers remaining.  Yes, welcome to the 21st century, but this is something that many mom’s in our research said was a painpoint.