Of the SaaS I use, Mailchimp is near and dear to my heart. It has allowed me to create and send beautiful emails, as well as track their performance. I use Mailchimp primarily for email marketing for The Harvard Shop and the Harvard Bartending Course, and the software has been responsible for over $80k in revenue (tracked through an integration with Shopify) over the past 12 months.

I love how Mailchimp takes sophisticated tools and presents them to the user in a very easy-to-digest interface. Even small businesses and pop-up e-commerce shops can leverage the automation, analytics, and email designs that were previously only accessible to companies with dedicated email marketing teams. It’s essentially the marriage of Hubspot with Dreamweaver, dumbed down so that any small business owner can pick it up.

Mailchimp is not only a great product functionality-wise, but also a great product design-wise. The monkey theme is delightfully irreverent, and the high five animation upon sending out a campaign is immensely satisfying. The website has a cohesive aesthetic and the playful look makes boring email work a real pleasure.