If you follow any of Instagrammers, it is almost impossible to miss a photo of them standing in front of this pink wall in LA. On the list of “10 L.A. Spots That Have Been Instagrammed to Death” or simply searching “#pinkwall” on Insragram, there are over 20,000 pictures and probably over 95% were taken at the same spot. Why is this spot so popular? Is there any special design behind this wall? 

Here are some thoughts I found online:

1. The bright pink make things stand out especially when viewing photos in a small format(such as using smart phone)

2. The single unbroken background gives a photo a professional or studio feel.

3. The size of the wall has an effect on its use as a photographic backdrop. 

4. Color “blush pink” and ““Rose quartz” were both ranked the color of 2016 on Pinterest and Pantone, similar color to the pink of Paul Smith wall. 

From this design, maybe it is time for fashion stores consider making the exterior design an Instagram spot to attract more customers(to buy more)!