About a month ago, Cleveland Cavaliers star and reigning NBA champion Kyrie Irving announced in a press conference his strong conviction that the earth is indeed flat. A week later teammate Richard Jefferson appeared in a press conference wearing a t-shirt that said “Flat World Champions” with a picture of a globe but with a basketball replacing the earth. It is unclear if this hilarious shirt was meant to mock Kyrie or show support for him, but they did manage to prolong the “debate.” Despite being literally the most exciting basketball week of the year due to March Madness (48 games in four days!), this week the flat world theory has found its way back into the basketball news as NBA legend and on-air personality Shaquille O’Neal stated that he, too, believes the world is flat.

This t-shirt is a funny and creative product that is very time sensitive. As long as NBA players are debating the roundness of our planet, these shirts will be apropos. In a year, these shirts might make no sense. It also works for Cleveland players to wear these shirts, as they are the reigning “World Champions” in basketball. I love the simple design of a basketball in place of the earth in a globe stand. The design makes me think that Jefferson and others who wore the shirt are poking fun at Irving.