Travefy is a powerful (and 100% free) trip planner. The website allows you to compile dynamic and professional looking itineraries in no time. You simply select a date range and begin adding events. Auto-fill makes this process very convenient. Travefy is integrated with FlightStats, which pulls real time data on your flights. Moreover, the website has an extensive database of accommodations, activities and restaurants from around the world to drop right into your itinerary. Beyond basic event information, you can also attach prices, confirmation codes, notes and documents to each event — so no more sorting through countless emails during your trip. What really makes Travefy special, however, is the ability to collaborate with others on an itinerary. You can chat, create group polls and even divide and pay expenses entirely within the scope of the website. Plus it’s got a wonderful companion app for phone. Definitely give it a try for your next trip:!