Here Ones are a pair of earbuds from Doppler Labs. Aesthetically, the buds look like wireless earbuds, but they allow the user to control what he/she wants to hear in the world vs. tune out using “layered listening.”

The Here One app has a list of “Noise Filters,” where you can eliminate certain noises with one touch. For example, if you tap “Airplane,” the user is able to remove the sounds of jet engines and AC vents. You are also able to amplify certain sounds, such as the voice of the person sitting next to you. Users can tap on either of the buds to enter “Bypass Mode,” which will turn off their music so that you can hear the barista, for example. Here One has also teamed up with sports teams, such as the Cleveland Cavaliers. Using Here Ones, “attendees will be able to stream real-time, play-by-play sports commentary, scores, and stats – even content directly from the players – over the real-world sounds of the game.” This technology is also great for music festivals when you want to boost the bass, add reverb, or eliminate background noise to enhance the musical experience.