I bought these on a whim at a small stationery store in Connecticut over winter break, and for the longest time I refused to start using them because I thought they were so cute and I didn’t know if/where I would be able to buy them again. Happily, though, I just discovered that they are sold at Black Ink in the square so I know I know I can get more! The notes come in a thin metal box and are arranged as shown above. The smaller notes are about 1.5″x1.5″ and the larger ones are about 3″x2″. What I like about them is that they all have different purposes, so when I have 15 different sticky notes on my desk I can tell which ones are about homework, which ones are general reminders, and which ones are more urgent than others. They’re really cute and definitely make me want to make lists and write stuff down more than I already do!