Wedding season is almost here so my obsession with Rent the Runway is about to kick back into full gear.  The RTR concept is a godsend to ladies everywhere who want a new dress for every occasion.  I’ve rented with them numerous times and I’ve been extremely pleased with the dresses each time.  Purchasing a new dress for every wedding, gala, and special occasion can cost a lot of money, and being able to rent a dress for a special event is an amazing concept so that you don’t have to spend as much money as purchasing a dress and you can have more variety in what you wear to all of your events.  RTR carries designer dresses that can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to purchase, but can be yours for that special event for about $100 or less.  When you order your dress, you can schedule it for either a 4 or 8 day rental, and you can select a backup size, which takes the stress out of ordering clothes online and making sure they fit properly.  Users can post reviews and upload photos of them in the dresses which also helps the user find the best dress for them.  The company also has several store locations, where you can go in and actually try the dresses on before ordering them.  I went to the store in Georgetown when I lived in DC and it was a great experience.  The store was beautiful and all the dresses in stock were very fashionable.  There were women of all ages there, from girls looking for prom dresses to older women looking for dresses to political galas.  RTR provides a service that has very high demand and fills a gap by providing women with variety in their wardrobe without high costs.