“Tounge and Lips” or “Hot Lips”  was a logo originally created by John Pasche a 24-year-old art student in 1971. Pasche was commissioned by Jagger to create a logo. And, Adweek describes, 

“The story goes that Jagger wanted a likeness of Kali, the Hindu goddess of everlasting energy. And while Kali does boast a large mouth with her tongue sticking out, Pasche found greater inspiration in Jagger himself. “I went into this sort of wood-paneled boardroom and there he was,” Pasche said. “Face-to-face with him, the first thing you were aware of was the size of his lips and mouth.”

The logo is one of the most recognizable band logos ever. Yet, it is very simple. It uses heavy shapes, with a color profile of a classic red, black and white. This logo is desirable because of its simplicity and its ability to be recognized everywhere. It also is particularly important because of the pop culture influence it has and how it continues to be used in provocative ways. 

Recently, Shepard Farey added some updates.

“SHEPARD FAIREY UPDATES CLASSIC ROLLING STONES LOGO FOR THE 50TH ANNIVERSARY – To commemorate their 50th anniversary the Rolling Stones commissioned Shepard Fairey to update their classic Tongue and Lips logo, originally designed by John Pasche in 1971.”

This logo is desirable because it is a graphic image that continues to remain relevant, even Shepard Farey’s version changes minimally.   


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