I wrote about rain ponchos for my first week “wearable item” post. However, I feel as though the practicality of rain ponchos necessitates that I elaborate further. The rain poncho is maybe one of the most useful creations ever.

1) It can be smushed into a tiny pouch to be transported easily. 

2) Weather is unpredictable. Because ponchos can be carried around in your bag, you will always be prepared for an unexpected drizzle or monsoon.

3) Unlike a rain jacket, a rain poncho covers all of your clothing, your pants, and your backpack or purse. 

4) Unlike a rain jacket, you can wear a rain poncho over any type of outerwear. Thus, it keeps you dry and on top of your outerwear suited to the day’s temperature. 

5) They are extremely affordable.

The problem with rain ponchos is that they are, generally, ugly. This is why it is my goal in life to start a fashionable rain poncho line. I have already copyrighted this idea so don’t try to steal it.