Tab is an AMAZING app that I discovered over winter break while reading a BuzzFeed article. Since then I have gotten at least 10 friends to download it. The way it works is that someone starts a bill and takes a picture of a receipt. The app then digitizes the receipt and lists all of the items and their corresponding prices. The creator of the bill sends a share code to his or her friends, who can then join the bill and tap on the items they ordered. Multiple people can tap on one item, which is especially useful for people sharing appetizers or desserts. The app automatically divides tip and tax among the users. The creator of the bill pays for the entire bill on his or her card (or using cash), and then the app connects to Venmo so that the other users can pay the creator back for their share. The app also has the functionality of letting you manually add items to the bill–this is useful if you want to combine multiple receipts or even include, for example, the Uber ride to a restaurant. This app has totally changed the way my friends and I split bills and I would highly recommend it!