My St. Louis is a book created by GSD students Ruben Segovia and Jeremy Hartley to “help students become active citizens and engage in the creating of their city.” According to the creators, “these tools — in the form of a book and animations — use scale as a framework that kids can use to explore both new and familiar relationships with the places in which they live.” Ruben and Jeremy also plan on creating a digital version. I find My St. Louis inspiring because for another class, I’m currently designing a way to engage underrepresented youth in STEAM via a digital astronomy learning platform. My St. Louis makes me wonder whether a print version, accompanied by a digital version of the curriculum, would be desirable. Kids love to play with tangible materials, so I’m wondering if the act of flipping the pages of the book and writing in it – even making something from the contents of the book – would enhance the learning experience. A book could be an interesting way for kids to explore their sense of scale of the universe.