OneNote is a note-taking service made by Microsoft that I’ve been using for nearly 3 years. It is awesome. I have it on my laptop and my phone and pretty much use it for everything in my life. I use it to take class notes, keep short term and long term to-do lists, plan my class schedule, jot down quotes I like, keep track of startup ideas, document random thoughts, and much much more. The fact that it is updated across all my devices is a huge reason why I like it, although to be honest, that isn’t exactly a unique feature for note-taking applications. I think what makes it unique and something that I keep coming back to is the feeling that it is as close to a paper-note-taking experience as possible with all of the conveniences of being digital. As opposed to other note-taking apps, OneNote lets you write where ever you want. It’s basically an infinitely long page in all directions in which you can start text boxes anywhere on the page. This feels very natural to me and something that I really value. There’s also nice colors 🙂