For this survey, we are looking for urban millennial women aged 18-28 who are into streetwear and are aware of general fashion trends. The simplest way to do this appears to be through Facebook ads – but we also don’t want bots or impersonal messages to reach potential clientele. This is just impersonal and does not do a great job communicating our mission. However, it does allow us to reach a wide variety of people, and as we are lagging in sales, could give us new people in the platform. For instance, if we assume that our population is 1,000,000 people, we need to survey 385 women to achieve a goal of 95% confidence with a 5% margin of error. On a $100 budget, we will purchase Facebook ads targeting fashionable urban areas, such as Boston and New York City, but we will also include a link to our survey at the “thank you” page for our existing customers’ shopping experiences, if their zip codes matches up with our targeted user base. The Facebook ads will also run in a 48 hour period, giving customers ample time to find the link and run the survey. We are using the S.M.A.R.T. method as outlined in the article here – we have a specific audience, have measurable levels of success and can certainly achieve our participation goals, our figures and outreach goals are attainable, our multifaceted campaign makes the survey and campaign relevant, and our strategic large-scale blast ensures enough of our potential clientele sees our survey.