Target Audience

After we analysis the survey, we narrow down the target audience with the characteristics as follow.  

1. Women

2. Age range: 25-45

3. Income: upper middle class

Strategy overview

We chose instagram as our major platform because it is the most popular picture based social network. And instead of handing out the survey links through instagram, we are going to inbuilt the survey into the instagram post (as shown in the picture) and collect the information that identified through likes and comments.

There are two kinds of questions in the survey: one is the “do you like it” question and the other is “which one do you prefer”. For the first one, we basically calculated the likes. And for the second question, we chose to count the number they count.

The way we spread out the information is unique as well. Instead of creating an account and attract followers, and then post the built-in survey. We decided to take advantages of the feature in instagram – hashtags to increase the exposure. The hashtags are not necessarily related to women or fashion. All the hot topic that can get access to our target audience could be taken account, such as #womensmarch.

Theoretical Foundation

1. Why Instagram is the best platform?

A study was done using the rock band Paramore’s social media accounts. The same image was posted to their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts simultaneously, with these results:[3]

Facebook Fan Page (3,200,000 fans) – 9,405 likes

Twitter (3,350,000 followers) – 433 retweets and 289 favorites

Instagram (360,000 followers) – 52,237 likes and 315 comments

With only one-tenth the following of their Facebook fan page, their Instagram account generated 5 times more activity.

2. Why we inbuilt survey?

It is a soft way to approach the target audience, and there are some predecessor who use social media to do the A/B testing.


1. Start an instagram account

2. Inbuilt the survey into our post.

For “do you like it?” question, we calculated the likes.

For “which one do you prefer?” question, we collect the answer in the comments.

3. Spread survey by using hashtags

(#businesswomen, #womenfashion,  #womenware, #womensmarch, #womenbag, #womanstyle, #female, #fashion, #fashionman, #fashionwomen, #fashiondiaries…)